Who Is Behind Cindy “Momma Ali-Hassan” Sheehan?

August 26, 2005

A recent report from KGO TV in San Francisco has explored who is supporting Sheehan, and how their support is shaping the news we see of her. It is important to note where this story comes from again. San Francisco is not exactly viewed as a conservative stronghold. If I had to guess, I’d say they have 20% (I’d also say that’s probably on the high side) who would call themselves conservative. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure news outlets in San Fran will largely play toward a liberal audience. I’d also make the argument that the same would be true on the conservative side for a news station somewhere like Salina, Kansas.

So, I was a little shocked when I saw actual journalism today. Actual journalism means you don’t ‘tell’ me anything. Give me the particulars and let me decide. A big round of applause should go to KGO TV. With all the media buzz about Sheehan, nobody ever seemed to look at who was really supporting her. I do not mean a look into the personal lives of those who believe what she says. That is the protester’s business alone, and I support them in making their stand… even if that stand is with a psychotic self-illuminating jellyfish like Sheehan. (I really have no idea what that last description means, but I like the way it sounds)

KGO digs for the meat of the story while the rest of MSM goes for the fluff. In a scene reminiscent of The Wizard of OZ, KGO actually looks at the “man behind the curtain” and lets the reader and viewer decide if we think Sheehan is a Trippy Hippy still mournig the loss of her brave son, or a puppet being led around by far leftwing financiers. Read for yourself who is behind Momma Sheehan’s spin.

1. Their bills are being paid by True Majority, a non-profit set up by Ben Cohen, of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream fame.

2. Cohen’s liberal group has teamed up with Berkeley-based moveon.org, an anti-Bush group co-founded by Joan Blades.

3. Earlier this month, MoveOn.org helped organize anti-war vigils in support of Cindy Sheehan.

4. Current Democratic National Party chair Howard Dean’s organization, Democracy for America, is also involved.

5. As is the more radical anti-war group Code Pink, organized by San Francisco’s Medea Benjamin.

Sheehan’s message is no longer her own. She is now a mouthpiece for the left, and does not make a move unless it is carefully scripted:

“…Sheehan kneels before a cross with her son’s name on it, touches his picture, wipes her tears. It’s an outpouring of emotion that is part of a scheduled news event organized daily for the television radio and print reporters who crowd in to capture a mother’s grief.”

Read more at the link below.

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