Listen To Reformed Nazis? Or The Truth? Hurricanes, Global Warming, And Delicious Spotted Owl Soup

August 30, 2005

Germans are almost as ridiculous as the french. (No, I don’t capitalize anything french. They do not deserve that respect) Anyway, leave it to a bunch of tree hugging, panty waste, socialist girly-men to pull a hurricane out of their butt as proof of impending global disaster. It almost makes me want to drill holes in my catalytic converter just to piss off a liberal green-party granola muncher. Better yet, I’ll just remove it from my truck completely. Do they have bumper stickers that say how good spotted owl and baby seal taste? I need one of those too.

I honestly believe that global warming is crap. Give me hundreds of years of documented proof that humans are changing the climate in a negative way and I’ll start wearing Birkenstocks and become a vegan. The problem is, you can’t provide that information. But you can jump to a doomsday prediction for the entire world after 30 odd years of climate study? If you believe that, you need your ass kicked. I have no problem believing that we impact our environment; everything does to some extent. But, the idea that humans can damage nature beyond repair through living a normal life is crap.

One of my favorite arguments, and a good documented argument it is, uses a volcano. A volcano can spew forth more matter into the sky than humans have produced since the beginning of the industrial revolution, yet somehow, the fragile planet survives. And, whether you know it or not, the biggest polluters on the planet are volcanoes. Surprise! How is it possible that our tiny fragile planet doesn’t go spinning off into the Sun because somehow we messed with its rotational properties by having too many greenhouse gases? The reason is simple; this world is so much bigger and more complex than most realize. The world survives because it is huge! Take a look at the area around Mt. St. Helens in Washington. One of the largest eruptions recorded on the US mainland, and in less than 10 years, wildlife and flora were back as though nothing happened? Someone want to explain that one?

People see their own condition, and place it on the world as though it were an evil portent of things to come, and affecting everyone around the globe. This just happened…. again… with the freaking Germans. The funny part concerning their arguments is they are refuted by experts in the field of atmospheric sciences.

  • Goofy, half-baked German newspaper columnists and editorials open mouth and insert foot concerning global warming and hurricanes
  • Of course, here is the rest of the story…. The real story… From the NY Times, no less:

  • Scientists rip German newspaper writers a new one, and prove them to be nothing more than elitist Eurotrash thugs that hate America
  • My comments went over what I had originally intended to say, but man I do so dislike Eurotrash.


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