Thanks Robbie Kennedy!! You Showed (Again) What A Freak liberal Nut Cases You (and the left) Really Are

August 31, 2005

For the second time today I have to show wacky environ-sub-mentalists are fools. And for the second time in two days I have to use actual facts (something most liberals enjoy skirting) to show how wrong Robbie Jr. (Robert Kennedy Jr.) is with all the nonsense he is vomiting.

Young Master Kennedy, he of the nanny changed diapers, talcum powdered bottom, and wealth beyond most, believes he has garnered an understanding of the power of the globe. Apparently he also thinks the earth is bent on some revenge sub-plot made up in his “clam chowdah” brain. It almost disturbs me that there really are people like him (ie: Ed Begley, E.L.F., Ted Kazinski, liberals in general) who believe in the “Earth Strikes Back” rhetoric. But then I have to laugh at them because they rarely form a coherent argument about the war on terror, environmental issues, monetary issues, and just about every other issue confronting the U.S. It is too easy most times to tear down whatever wet paper argument they dream up.

As usual, fact checkers must cut through the crap that libs bandy about as if it were the gospel. Such is the case today…..

By: James K. Glassman

Some highlights:

1. “Reliable data since the 1940s indicate that the peak strength of the strongest hurricanes has not changed, and the mean maximum intensity of all hurricanes has decreased.”

2. Just go to the website of the National Hurricane Center and check out a table that lists hurricanes by category and decade. The peak for major hurricanes (categories 3,4,5) came in the decades of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, when such storms averaged 9 per year. In the 1960s, there were 6 such storms; in the 1970s, 4; in the 1980s, 5; in the 1990s, 5; and for 2001-04, there were 3. Category 4 and 5 storms were also more prevalent in the past than they are now. As for Category 5 storms, there have been only three since the 1850s: in the decades of the 1930s, 1960s and 1990s.

So, Junior, you are not only a embarrassment to the Kennedy clan, but to the general moonbat environment as well. I almost feel sorry for your stupidity.


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