Who’s Really Behind The Goofy Protests?

October 4, 2005

Cartoon above courtesy of Day By Day. The above strip illustrates perfectly what I say almost every time I see a protest group on television. Give it up and die, hippy!!!

See links below for more great pictures.

A very large hat tip to Cox and Forkum for highlighting a website devoted to showing the idiocy and complete misunderstanding of those who protest whatever it is that disgruntled wanna-be trust fund baby hippies, and boomers protest, while also trying to recapture their youth.

Start with this page. I have seen this type of photo progression before and love it. What better way to get your point across than to show step by step the real media bias behind the picture of one protester.

I love this page more than the others. I thought liberals were supposed to be the smart ones. I thought communists had superior teaching skills so they would be better able to handle world domination. I thought wrong. Nothing says fool faster than making a protest sign so fast you misspell your words.

And finally, pictures pictures pictures!!!! Showing the full spectrum of the oxygen deprived, here are all the photos from Zombie. Queers for Palestine, communists, and the homeless, thrown together on one page for your enjoyment.

Two I hate hippy posts in a row. I see a trend here.


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