Springtime for Hitler and Germany. See: “The Producers” if you don’t get it.

October 24, 2005

Cute and innocent? Or, Ilsa… She Wolf of the SS.

(Piss-poor photoshop skills shown above)

I probably wouldn’t mind seeing them dressed like the picture above in a few years, but that’s another story….

Sometimes you see, hear, or read something so truly odd that makes you shake your head in wonder. I guess you could say this story is closer to the slack-jawed disbelief you have when you stumble across Jerry Springer on the television. You know the show: “I’m 300 pounds, pregnant, and have an escort service on the side.” Is Jerry still on the air? If he is, that kind of explains the story below and how society just accepts freakish and bizarre behavior like children do mother’s milk. Anyway, the above pictures are a contrast of sorts. Wholesome, all-American girls? Well, not quite. The girls above are from a band called Prussian Blue. I’m not even going into what it means.

I’m a white guy, and I have no problems saying the white race has done more to both help and hurt the world than any other, or say that America needs to stop illegals from crossing the border and deport all those that are here illegally to keep America strong, but the things coming out of the mouths of these two are creepy. Of course the two girls have been spoon fed the white-power crap since birth, so they are a little wonky when it comes to topics like, oh… the Nazis, or… you know, the whole Holocaust thing.

Here’s the link that first brought them to my attention. It’s mostly a fluff piece outing the girls as mindless zombies controlled by their mother. That’s far from real journalism, so I searched a little on my own and came up with this and this.

A word to the wise. It’s a good idea to surf anonymously anyway, but I think it comes in handy with the above links if you want to avoid getting a FBI file opened on you. Of course I’m kidding, but isn’t it in the back of your mind? Anyhow, the ABC story should have directed people to the links above. They speak volumes on their own.

A highlight from the articles include:

(author note: Keep in mind, these girls are 13)

Please tell me the significance of the name Prussian Blue.
Part of our heritage is Prussian German. Also our eyes are blue, and Prussian Blue is just a really pretty color. There is also the discussion of the lack of “Prussian Blue” coloring (Zyklon B residue) in the so-called gas chambers in the concentration camps. We think it might make people question some of the inaccuracies of the “Holocaust” myth.


(When talking about their new CD)
(song #)6. Panzerlied: We sing this in German. This is a German military song. Hans Schmidt (author of “Panzergrenadier” and “Hitler Boys in America”) told us that he first heard it when he was our age. We laid many tracks over each other so that it sounds like many kids singing as they march down a street.

(song #)7. The Snow Fell: This is a song about the German soldiers in WWII. We both sing on this song. We have changed the tune a bit from the original that Ian Stuart did.

It’s a shame really that two beautiful young women, who apperantly can play their instruments when so many of their peers in the music industry are nothing more than fabricated clones singing dance music written by anyone but them, are being led astray, and will no doubt end up in a trailer park married to someone who continually complains the black man is out to get them. Sad.


4 Responses to “Springtime for Hitler and Germany. See: “The Producers” if you don’t get it.”

  1. Richard Says:

    The Jews are using the negroes against you. What are you going to do about it, whitey!

  2. Heraldblog Says:

    I’ve read that Prussian Blue also refers to the residue left by cyanide contamination, a nod to Hitler’s gas chambers. Not sure how true that is. Richard probably knows more about that.

  3. Richard’s comment refers to a great line in the movie “The Blues Brothers.” The Nazis, led by Henry Gibson, say the line quoted by Richard. The scene concludes with Jake (John Belushi) saying: “I hate Illinois Nazis” and they ram their car into the Nazi protest rally area scattering them.

    It’s generally used between us to highlight moronic statements dealing with “evil Jewish cabals” or everything that comes out of Louis Farrakhan’s mouth.

    Thanks for your comment and for stopping by.

  4. Peakah Says:

    c’mon guys… did you notice the hair color on those girls? They probably aren’t the loudest hiss in the gas chamber. Freaks…

    What do you expect from the Bakersfield public school system? Kidding…

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