The Goggles…. They Do Nothing!!!!

November 8, 2005

Look you liberal freaks, I’ve had it with your nutty protests. I don’t begrudge your right to protest, but I do resent you using really ugly people… Alright, it’s not just really ugly people, it’s really ugly naked people. Have a heart… Please!!!!!! And please, please, please, shave your nether regions: underarms, crotch….. backs.

The back shaving goes for you hippy chicks out there too, alright? If you can’t go that far, I understand. You’re a nature lover/hippy/boomer/looser, so you don’t follow the same civil conventions as “The Man.” Alright, I’ll admit that I really don’t understand. What is wrong with you people? Can anyone answer that? Maybe your actions are the result of the beatings you received in the 60’s and 70’s from guardsmen and police. That may offer a clue to your odd behavior, but maybe not.

The human body is a wonderful thing, but you people make me want to take a bath in acid because I begin to feel itchy just looking at you.

Link to the story: Topless Ugly People

For those who need it: Relief from the freaks. Come back to this link after you finish looking at the pictures below.

And now…. Topless ugly people photos.

Let your freak flag fly, babe.

Look, a Muffin Top…

By Evan Halper, Times Staff Writer

2 Protesters Arrested After Going Topless


Police arrested two members of an organization called Breasts Not Bombs after they removed their tops during a protest on the steps of the state Capitol on Monday afternoon.

The women, who were protesting Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ballot measures for today’s special election, took off their shirts despite warnings from the California Highway Patrol last week that doing so would lead to their arrests and possibly their inclusion on the state’s list of sex offenders. A federal judge Friday refused to grant a request from Breasts Not Bombs to block the police from arresting topless protesters.

For those who like the smell of rancid cheese laying in the sun for days, you can read more at the above link. And for Pete’s sake, clean yourself whether you think you need it or not. Ok?


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