A Regular Dr. Doolittle Democrat

November 9, 2005

Meet Nan Aron from New York.

….and the best line from the article….

“My one responsibility at home was to feed the fish, talk to the fish and protect their safety, and I’d come home and start counting” and realize that there was trouble.

Talking to fish? This isn’t something she did as a child; this was over the summer… four months ago. Maybe she’s Dr. Doolittle with Dr. Moreau tendencies. I wonder if the fish spoke to her too?

I don’t have to write much. The story speaks for itself.

Long story short: She’s a hippy activist who has set her sights on breaking judicial confirmations of conservative judges. The people she associates with speaks volumes:

Aron, Ralph Neas of People for the American Way and Wade Henderson of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights have been a close-knit and consistent team of opposition to conservative judicial nominees.

I always make fun of hippy culture because of their altruistic outlook about society. That is: “If you love it, and nurture it, it won’t turn around and kill you.” Yeah….right. Tell that to a grown lion you raised from a cub as it guts you, or a terrorist organization like the PLO you try to constantly placate. Animals are animals. The PLO is the PLO. You can’t change that because you personally raised them, or in lib cases, continually throw money at it. And no matter how hard they try, libs will not be able to circumvent the will of the people when it comes to wanting judges who interpret law instead of make it. Libs are funny in that they continue to think their ideas are relevant.

Bruce Fein, Nan Aron’s conservative counterpart sums it up nicely:

The left, he says, seems stuck in time. “I think that many on the left like Nan pioneered certain ideas and a particular view of the court in the 1970s and that’s what they continue to push today even though the court and arguably the country has moved beyond that view.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


One Response to “A Regular Dr. Doolittle Democrat”

  1. Peakah Says:

    Hopefully a future contender for the Darwin Awards.

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