Get Over It!!!!!!!

November 17, 2005

I guess this really doesn’t surprise me, but John Kerry believes the 2004 election was stolen. Thanks to the usual lefty screaming points of “voting irregularities,” “No blood for oil,” and saying Karl Rove sold his soul to Satan, I begin to wonder if they have a brain, or if they are automatons with a CD playing out of their mouth. Anyway, I’ve had this story sitting around in the draft area for over a week, not sure if I really wanted to say anything about it.

But, Democrats are making me shudder again with Carter’s yammering, and clinton’s talk of the Iraqi war being wrong while he is in a foreign country: “Saddam is gone. It’s a good thing, but I don’t agree with what was done, ” Clinton told students at the American University of Dubai

The idiot does understand you don’t go mouthing off while away from home, doesn’t he? Or not….
Link to above story

Of course, clinton also said this in while still in office in 1998: “Saddam (Hussein) must not be allowed to threaten his neighbors or the world with nuclear arms, poison gas or biological weapons,” Clinton said.

And now, little Napoleon himself, John F’n (I was Genghis Khan in Viet Nam) Kerry believes the 2004 election was stolen based on hearsay and “information” from a book that says, among other ridiculous things like:

…disquieting stuff that troubled Kerry included reports that touch-screen systems had malfunctioned in such a way that voters who tried to vote for Kerry saw their votes switched to Bush.

The link below is a lefty website, so it is uncertain how much, if anything, below is true, or some fabrication to drum up the core, like calling Bush a monkey or Hitler. By the way, I wonder how many Democrats started screaming for us to leave Europe or the Pacific theater in 1943?….. Or, would any Republican have called Roosevelt a crippled monkey?… Probably not. Just goes to show how low politics has fallen.

Anyway, if the story below is true (meaning Kerry believes it, and not that the election was actually rigged) it just goes to show how wonky the dems are right now. No surprise there.

Kerry Suspects Election 2004 Was Stolen
By Robert Parry
November 6, 2005

Sen. John Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate in 2004, has told acquaintances over the past year that he suspects that the election was stolen, but that he didn’t challenge the official results because he lacked hard proof and anticipated a firestorm of criticism if he pressed the point.

Kerry heard all the disquieting stories about voting irregularities in Ohio and other states, said Jonathan Winer, a longtime Kerry adviser and a former deputy assistant secretary of state. But he didn’t have the evidence to do more.

The Massachusetts senator conceded to George W. Bush on Nov. 3, 2004, the day after the election when it became clear that the uncounted votes in the swing state of Ohio were insufficient to erase Bush’s narrow lead.

The move infuriated some Democratic activists who felt Kerry should have lived up to his campaign promise that he would make sure every vote was counted. In January 2005, as Bush’s victory was being certified by Congress, Kerry also refused to back a resolution challenging the fairness of the Ohio vote.

Mark Crispin Miller, a New York University professor and author of a new book about the 2004 election entitled Fooled Again, said he discussed the voting issue with Kerry on Oct. 28 when he encountered the senator at a political event.

In a Nov. 4 interview on Amy Goodmans Democracy Now, Miller said he gave Kerry a copy of Fooled Again, prompting Kerry’s comments about the 2004 election results.

He told me he now thinks the election was stolen, Miller said. He said he doesn’t believe that he is the person who can go out front on the issue because of the sour grapes question. But he said he believes it was stolen. He says he argues about this with his Democratic colleagues on the Hill. He had just had a big fight with Christopher Dodd.

But Kerry’s decision not to fight has left millions of Americans wondering if their democratic birthright has been stolen along with the last two presidential elections.

Read the rest of the drivel at the link above if you have a strong enough constitution. One more thing, please do me a favor and not let on to the Democrats about the black helicopters following them around. Thanks.


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