It’s Not Stealing… It’s Borrowing… Ok, It’s Stealing.

December 14, 2005

Sometimes you read something on a blog, or webpage and find it not only funny, but imaginative. I found one today. What makes it funny is I can see it happening. What makes it imaginative is it imitates the subjects perfectly. It also compliments this from a few days ago.

Please understand something, I like Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore. Both are the perfect example of a cute, ditzy blond. And who could hate Cameron’s panty shake in every movie she does? With the above being said, I’d also like to quote a comment posted on the page where I got the following: From MCPO Airdale, “I swear, if these two had more than 3 brain cells firing off at one time, their bleached-blonde heads would catch on fire!” Amen, brother. Amen.

Thank you to Wuzzadem for a good laugh this morning. Here’s a snippet. Read the rest at the site. It’s worth it.

D = Drew
C = Cameron
M = Man from Noo-wor-lunz

C: Hi, everybody, I’m Cameron Diaz, and you’re watching Trippin’, where my friends and I travel around the world to totally exotic countries so we can learn about indigitous people and talk about Earth Day, which is probably coming up soon.

D: Isn’t it undigitous people, Cam?

C: Whatever you call them, Drew, they make me feel totally ashamed to live in America.

D: Me, too!

C: Today we’re in a place called Norlund. Let’s go learn about how people live in this part of the world.

D: Hello? Anybody here?

M: Who are you?

C: Hi, we’re from America.


M: You don’t have to yell. What are you doing in my house?

C: We’re here to find out how people live in Norlund.

M: What the hell is Norlund? You’re in New Orleans, and you’re in my house.

It picks up from there. What makes this funny is you can see that it could happen. One day, without handlers and publicity people, these two halfwits wander off to make their own show, and either get lost on a major street, or have to be rescued from an old well shaft. Or, they’ll simply amble about cluelessly until spotted by paparazzi.


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