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December 20, 2005

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Associated Press Writer
Dec 20 3:23 PM US/Eastern

MEXICO CITY – The Mexican government, angered by a U.S. proposal to extend a wall along the border to keep out migrants, has struck back with radio ads urging Mexican workers to denounce rights violations in the United States.

What rights are they talking about? The right to come here ILLEGALLY? That’s a right I haven’t heard of.

Facing a growing tide of anti-immigrant sentiment north of the border, the Mexican government is also hiring an American public relations firm to improve its image.

The one thing I’ll be sure to do, no matter what happens with the fence, is find out who else this company (Allyn and Company) represents and make sure those places never see a dime from me. Any American company that would take a job promoting ILLEGALS, promote breaking the law. That is not what I would call an American company.


Allyn & Company has served more than 300 winning campaigns for heads of state, candidates, political parties and causes in the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean and Asia. President Vicente Fox of Mexico. Three Mexican Governors. Prime Minister Perry Christie of the Bahamas. Award-winning creative for Governor George W. Bush. Independent advocacy TV ads in support of President Bush in 2000. Victories for the Republican Party, U.S. Senate, Congress, mayors and statewide offices.

I’ll make damn sure to voice my opposition to any Republican candidate who wishes to use Allyn’s company. The above list makes me ill. My one little prayer is Bush has nothing to do with them now. But seeing how he wants to throw open the border, he might just hire them to push his policy. Idiot.

Info on Allyn here: http://narconews.com/roballyn1.html

The link shows how slimy this guy is.

Mexican President Vicente Fox denounced the U.S. measures, passed by the House of Representatives on Friday, as “shameful” and his foreign secretary, Luis Ernesto Derbez, said Monday the wall was “stupid.”

It’s hard to underestimate the ill-feeling the proposal has generated in Mexico, where editorial pages are dominated by cartoons of Uncle Sam putting up walls bearing anti-Mexican messages.

I’d love to get my hands on some of those cartoons. I’d wallpaper this entire blog with them.

Many Mexicans, especially those who have spent time working in the U.S., feel the proposal is a slap in the face to those who work hard and contribute to the U.S. economy.

WTF?????? What is contributed by ILLEGALS? Cheap labor? How about what you take away: Free health care, no taxes, free education, and usually a cash only job where wages are not reported, AND, American dollars that are sent out of the country. Last estimate I read says California (Los Angeles area specifically) has a $2 billion underground economy with ILLEGALS, and not one cent of it goes to any social service: such as hospitals, general revenue, or education. Does anyone else see something wrong with this besides me?

“When people heard this, it worried everybody, because this will affect everybody in some way, and their families,” Robledo said. “They were incredulous. How could they do this, propose something like this?”

It’s called the law you ignorant moron!

Robledo, whose son and mother are U.S. citizens, predicted the measure “would unleash conflict within the United States” as small businesses fail for lack of workers.

Good. As stated above, it’s the law already. Too many companies are breaking it without regard to who the paychecks are going to, or what becomes of that money once it slips beneath the table.

He said many Mexicans felt betrayed by the anti-immigrant sentiment.

“We learned to believe in the United States. We have a binational life,” he said of Zacatecas, a state that has been sending migrants north for more than a century. “It isn’t just a feeling of rejection. It’s against what we see as part of our life, our culture, our territory.”

The problem with this statement is you (ILLEGALS) don’t make America your life. You don’t make America your culture. And it sure as hell is not your territory. If you come here (legally) and learn the language, customs, and affairs of America, and make them your own, I have no problems with you. But when you expect me to adapt to suit your needs, you can think again. If I move to Japan, I would never expect the Japanese to pander to my needs. But that’s exactly what is happening here. It’s a culture clash. Either we win, or we will have no country.

The government is scrambling to fight on two fronts. On Monday, it announced it had hired Allyn & Company, a Dallas-based public relations company to help improve Mexico’s image and stem the immigration backlash.

“If people in the U.S. and Canada had an accurate view of the success of democracy, political stability and economic prosperity in Mexico, it would improve their views on specific bilateral issues like immigration and border security,” Rob Allyn, president of the PR firm, told The Associated Press Tuesday.

Just go back and read the link on Allyn above.

Jose Luis Soberanes, head of the government’s National Human Rights Commission, suggested Mexico go further.

“I would expect more energetic reactions from our authorities,” Soberanes told local media. “It’s preferable to have a more demanding government, more confrontation with the United States.”

It’s a shame we’ve let it go this far. Listening to the guy above, you’d think America should allow anyone and everyone to enter unchecked.

The sense of dread connected with the measures is hardly restricted to Mexico. Immigrant advocacy and aid groups in the United States are worried about provisions of the House bill that upgrade unlawful presence in the United States from a civil offense to a felony.

That’s what it should be. You’re trespassing on foreign soil. Better yet, you should be shot on sight if you are here without permission.

“This is a sad foreshadowing,” said immigrants rights activist Kathryn Rodriguez of the Derechos Humanos coalition in Tucson, Ariz. She fears the bill could expose those who help sick or dying migrants to criminal prosecution.

And they should be! They are breaking the law. Want to help, call the police or INS, and have them removed from the country.

The House bill, passed on a 239-182 vote, would also enlist military and local law enforcement to help stop illegal entrants and require employers to verify the legal status of their workers.

There’s a thought… Enforcing the law. What a unique concept.

Mexicans are outraged by the proposed measures, especially the extension of the border wall, which many liken to the Berlin Wall. Some are urging their government to fight it fiercely.

“Our president should oppose that wall and make them stop it, at all costs,” said Martin Vazquez, 26, at the Mexico City airport as he returned from his job as a hotel worker in Las Vegas. “More than just insulting, it’s terrible.”

The difference is the Berlin Wall was designed to keep citizens in.

No doubt he’ll be sneaking back across the border on foot once the Christmas holiday is over. Look, you can call me a racist all you want, but what is said above by the ILLEGALS, and those who support them, is wrong. Think about it before you start screaming at me. Either you live by the law, or you don’t. Those quoted above fail to grasp this simple idea. Thank God we have a congress finally showing they have the ‘nads to approve some kind of deterrent to stop, or at least stem the stream of bodies flowing here ILLEGALLY.


Associated Press reporter Victor Bermudez contributed to this report from Mexico City.


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