Not Quite Sane

December 22, 2005

Odd links. Some safe for work, others not so safe. Well, not so safe meaning I wouldn’t want someone walking behind my desk, looking at the screen, and thinking what a freak. Enjoy everyone.

Do you swallow?

After she slaps you, tell her you are talking about mice.

Celeb Fakery

The next time your friend says “Hey! Have you seen the sweet nude picture of Bea Arthur on the net?” You can point him to this site.

Nasal Passage Cleaner?

Looks like snorting coke would be safer. Note to self: When a company uses the following words in their product presentation: “This is what should happen” you might want to take your chances with the previously mentioned Columbian drug lord’s product. If for no other reason, go for the pictures of happy nasal cleaning people.

Get In My Belly!!

A device that makes it look like you have a beer belly that is actually a “belt” that holds beer, so you can sneak the beer into a game or movie? Didn’t God make girlfriends with large purses for this very reason?

Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

This product is sold out? I don’t want to know how that’s possible.

Stuffed Toys For Charles Manson

Thank God Manson never had children.

Someone Has A Fetish For Girls With No Arms?

(Can I get a rimshot for this next statement? And I apologize in advance) What do they need arms for when they have mouths?

Why Most Of The Middle East Should Be Nuked

Let’s just go ahead and do it before they do it to us.

The Emo Song

No, not Elmo, Emo. Short for EMOtional if I remember correctly. Call them the new Goths if you want. Give it a moment to load.

Da Bears?

Sweet Lord in Heaven, it’s like the Village People invaded Chicago. I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, and I’m embarrassed for Mike.

This Hits Close To Home

I do miss the good old days. Fire the Tuna now and bring in “Dancing Ditka”!!!


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