Looks Like I’m In Front Of The Curve: Rob Allyn’s Treason

December 28, 2005

Guess I got out in front on what could be a good size story. See here for my original post.

I’m glad to see that others are also taking notice of slime-ball Rob Allyn. Living in the Dallas area all my life, it was hard not to notice Allyn’s chunky mug on television at least once a week trumpeting some cause or another. He’s always had that used car salesman grin that makes you feel as though you need a bath after seeing him.

The Miami Herald picks up the story here

A quick run down of the story is this: Basically Allyn’s company is representing Mexico, and Mexico’s attempts to have open borders by preventing the building of a fence along the American and Mexican border.

The sad part in all of this is Mr. Allyn’s connection to President Bush, as well as several other highly placed Republicans. As a lobbyist (and sideshow promoter) it is his job to push causes. From a business side I don’t see a lot wrong with Mr. Allyn’s company. What it boils down to is Mr. Allyn representing and trumpeting a candidate’s views. But, when those causes become treasonous, it’s a different story.

Yes, I said treason. Mr. Allyn’s company is representing the Mexican government in a bid to influence the American political system, and allowing an unstoppable flow of humanity across our border. It doesn’t stop there. Mr. Allyn has been involved in Mexican President Vicente Fox’s campaign, as well as other international races. From his website: Allyn & Company has served more than 300 winning campaigns for heads of state, candidates, political parties and causes in the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean and Asia. President Vicente Fox of Mexico. Three Mexican Governors. Prime Minister Perry Christie of the Bahamas.

The problem here is not just influence, but misconceptions and misstatements being passed off to an unsuspecting public. Being informed on the issues is important. Being force-fed propaganda as a way to reach your goal of destroying the U.S. is treason.

I’ve touched on this with my earlier post, but it bears repeating here. Notice what you are being told, and what is being kept from you:

Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Ernesto Derbez said Allyn’s message should be that Mexicans have sunk roots deep in their U.S. neighborhoods and that they contribute more through their work, taxes and families than they take away in public services.

This statement is an outright fallacy. Out of every nationality that has come to America, only one has not adapted over the generations. The Mexican cannot adapt because of their transient nature and close proximity to their mother country. It’s too easy to move between cultures and not adapt.

Finally. the statement above that Mexican’s work here, and their work is more of a benefit than what they pay in taxes and social services is also a spin job worthy of Allyn and his crew.

Just ask yourself these questions when wondering about not having a fence:

Q: Why am I paying higher premiums on my auto insurance?
A: Because at least 1/2 (closer to 7 out of 10) of the Mexican-Americans (ILLEGALS) you see on the road have no insurance.

Q: Why did my school taxes go up?
A: Because you are also paying for educating the children of undocumented workers (ILLEGALS) that do not pay school taxes.

Q: Why did my medical bills double?
A: Because Mexican nationals (ILLEGALS) are crowding emergency rooms for basic ailments, and destroying a once great safety net by overstressing the system. Don’t believe it? Head down to any emergency room for one hour, and tell me the breakdown and nationality of each person there. I’d bet you a day-laborer’s wage that most are Hispanic. (Ok, go ahead and scream I’m a racist now)

Face it, 99.9% of ILLEGALS do not pay federal, state, (Texas does not have state income tax) or local taxes, (water and gas bills excluded) so how can the Derbez statement above be true? It can’t. But truth does not matter to Rob Allyn and his crew in this fight. It seems they are determined to see the U.S. destroyed simply because someone (or some government) will pay them enough money to commit treason.

I’d like to close with a few words from vdare.com. Link is to the entire article is here.

The words below draw parallels to the Texas revolution and what I see today as Mr. Allyn’s ultimate mission: Destroy Texas, and other border states, for money.

Linda Thom

First, the American settlers had no great vision. They were folks who wanted land. My family members lost their land in Arkansas. They were farmers; they needed land. They settled at Washington on the Brazos where the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed. They had no part in it. They were just good people coming to Texas to work hard and support their families.

Second, the Mexicans let in too many people in too short a time. Moreover, they did not protect their border with the United States and Americans illegally poured across the Louisiana border to get land, work hard and improve their lives.

Third, the American settlers were not of the same beliefs and the same culture as the Mexicans and misunderstandings ultimately resulted in the hostilities. The Americans did not assimilate. There were so many of them. They did not become Catholics and, while they may have become Mexican citizens in name, they remained Americans at heart.

And there are other lessons. The Mexican government was corrupt and unstable. Its people were poor and primitive. Some things have not changed.

President Bush claims he is a Texan but many Texans declare that he is not. He is a rich Yankee from Connecticut who spent his vacations in Maine. Perhaps the President does not really know Texas history. That is too bad.

President Bush continues to push for his Mexican guest worker amnesty because they are good, hardworking people who just want to have a better life and to do jobs Americans will not etc etc. Which is just what the Mexican elite told itself in the 1820s.

If President Bush does know Texas history, he either cannot connect the dots—or, for some mysterious reason, he does not care.

Mexico has played a large role in the history and culture in my part of the country. Nobody is questioning that. But the idea of not having a border (or fence in this case) is the same as saying we don’t need a country. If Mr. Allyn and Mexico’s Vicente Fox have their way, it looks like that is where we are headed… No identity, and no country.


2 Responses to “Looks Like I’m In Front Of The Curve: Rob Allyn’s Treason”

  1. Richard Says:

    Build the wall! Build the wall! Build the wall! Build the wall!

    Side note: My wife has been involved in four accidents since I met her 20 years ago (none of which were her fault). Three of the four involved illegals with NO insurance.

  2. And it’s been my pleasure to service your wife during those difficult times…. as an insurance agent, of course.

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