Can I Get A Duh!! From The Crowd. Cruise Irritates, Kids Medicate.

December 29, 2005

Quick hits:

Duh! #1. Tom Cruise ‘irritates most’ say fans

Tom Cruise has been named the biggest movie star of all time, but also the most irritating, by film fans.

If I had the time, I’d mouth off about him. Dianetics, 3 feet tall, One gargantuan tooth in front like a genetically engineered reverse-unicorn, and a turkey-baster + donated “seed” + a brainwashed Katie Holmes = proof he’s not a poof….. Snort… Not that I’m saying he’s a gay, buck-toothed space alien or anything…


Seven out of 10 of those questioned thought there was too much product placement in films, while 81% thought there were too many sequels and remakes.

Duh! #2. One in 10 teens depressed: study

Nearly one in 10 American teenagers, or 2.2 million, experienced major depression last year…

Oh really? It’s called hormones you morons. Here’s a survey: I say the sky, when viewed on a clear summer day, at 12:00 pm, my local time, will be some shade of blue. Does anyone else agree?

What fool wrangled money for this study?….. Oh…. it’s the government. Why doesn’t that surprise me? Here’s some info on kids for the Department of Health and Human Services, since they funded the depression study… Ready???

From age 0-1 or 2, kids need their parents for everything. At 2-5 years of age they think they can do it all themselves. From 6-11 they learn social skills that pull them away from the parents. This assists them with interaction they will have with other adults later in life. From 11-18 they are back to acting like they are 2-5.

Because of HORMONES, these 11-18 year old kids are reduced to bumbling idiots… Again: Just like the 2-5 age group. These hormones affect the brain, body, self-image, and a whole host of other things that make the child self conscious, and quite possibly (GASP!!!!) depressed.

Here’s another tip for any parent reading today: While I’m not a doctor, I’d say, based on a pretty wild guess, that your child probably does not need to be hopped up on Ritalin®, or most of the other A.D.D. mixtures these drug pushers called doctors now hand out like Halloween candy.

There. I just saved the government a few million, and you the reader a few thousand, by observing and stating the obvious. It’s things like this that make me scream bloody murder about firing everyone who has a redundant role in the U.S. government, or simply beating someone within an inch of their life for having the balls to ask for money to see if teenagers were depressed.


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