Site Of The Week: Urban Dictionary

January 20, 2006

When I first saw this site I thought: “Great. Here’s another way to ruin the English language with slang and ghetto-speak.” I was soooo wrong. I’m sure this site has been online for years… I’m an old man in his 30’s who’s not very hip anymore. Cut me a little slack, ok? I just found it, so it’s new to me.

The beauty of this site is the different take people have on the same words. For example:

1. Eldercut: When an elder member of the human race doesn’t feel the need to wait in line. (usually a buffet of some type) Either because their time is running out, or they have given up on any social grace.

My goodness was that an eldercut….did that old person just cut in front of me at the buffet line? Well, I guess I will let them get away with it, because they can’t hear me anyway.

2. Eldercut: An out-of-style haircut. A haircut your elders might order. Usually used by a young person ordering an out-of-date haircut style.

Barber: What’ll it be today.

Jimmy: Better make it an eldercut. I’ve got a job interview this week.

I know it’s possible for the same statement to be true for any word you find in the dictionary, but this seems a little more fresh compared to what Webster has between his covers.

Another genius idea includes submitting your own word and definition ala Wikipedia. That can also lead to some childish rantings:

G bitch president of the united states in 2005.Liar, dog fucker, too coked out to fly national guard jet, cocky without a working cock, and a future meal for voodoo canabals.

G Bitch is doing it again.What else new?

Let’s break this one down: No capitalization, poor sentence structure, beastiality and emasculating jokes, and it looks like his spell-check program refuses to work (must be a union spell-checker)… It’s spelled ‘cannibals’ you idiot. Out of everything written by this contributor, I am a little confused about the last part of his post. I have no idea where Voodoo cannibals exist in today’s world, or if they ever existed. Anyone care to help me out on that one?

Liberals… Clueless…What else is new?

Most of the obnoxious rants came from snot rags probably no older than 13 creaming their pants over who is a better band: Green Day, whoever else is the flavor of the moment, or some Scandanavian industrial alt-goth crap. What difference does it make? I don’t know. But it gives the pre-pubies something to whine about.

The final great idea to this site is the average reader has a say by voting up or down on a word and definition.

Here’s the site:

A few words that had me on the floor were:

Hippy Christmas:
When garbage collection days allow for residents to throw away large items one week a year. This week is declared Hippie Christmas because of all of the hippies that recycle the garbage for their own use.
Used in a sentence: We put all of our old windows to the curb and this guy in a pickup truck came by and took all of them. He said he was going to turn them into a green house!

Blang: cheap bling. Cheap, tacky, ersatz or plastic immitation bling; especially referring to wannabe trendies.

Party Socks:
Socks which failed to be removed prior to intercourse. Party socks are usually the result of laziness or haste.

Used in a sentence:We were totally going at it but I had to stop him because I couldn’t stop laughing at his party socks.

Reference to American President George W. Bush, particularly in regards to his gangsta-style moral clarity and steadfast resolve in bringing an advancing tide of liberty and freedom to a troubled world populated by evil, evil, evil terrorists, US-hating Saddam lovers, and cowardly European moral relativists.Tha Preznit is tha shiznit, yo!

The Theory that it would be easier to change our definition of beauty than to loose weight.

There are some that are just strange. See: Hot Carl as an example. It’s kind of a use at your own risk type of site, but some of the definitions are pure gold.


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