February 8, 2006

Background story here for those living under a rock the last 10 years.

1. Nothing says sweet monkey loving like teacher-student sex. What better way to prove your love than to wed the student? Mary Letourneau and her formally underage boytoy have their wedding registry here. They have expensive tastes, so I hope my gift basket of love oils and tidy wipes are alright.

2. (NSFW) My favorite flash of all time here. I liked it so much I bought the hat from Cafe Press.

3. Sweet, clean GoDaddy.com full commercial babe here.

4. I use the term WTF? often, but this time I really mean it: WTF is this? Give it a moment to load, and then worship your new poodle overlords.

5. Watch Cletus and Bo in jail here. This live cam comes to you courtesy of Anderson County Tennessee. Squeal like a pig!!!!!!

6. This child will be scarred for the rest of his life.

“Daddy!!! Get off mommy. You’re hurting her!!!!”

7. Sweet. The Olympics are on again…… What do you mean it’s the Winter Games?

8. Sometimes the Summer Olympics aren’t good. After watching this, my testicles just crawled back up into my body. (Give it a moment to load)

9. One of the most tense videos I have ever seen. Ali G and Andy Rooney (Quicktime movie) I just love watching Andy getting bitch-slapped around.

10. Finally… Rate my vomit. I’m sorry.


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