Seriously… What The Hell?

February 10, 2006

Preface statement: My family (some 200 years ago) came from Scotland and Ireland to Texas. So my roots are in Europe. I just have to know what the hell is Italy thinking allowing this:

to be in the opening of the Olympics.

In what executive producer Marco Bacilli described as an “iconic moment,” silver-clad dancers appeared with big, white bubbles stuck to their heads.”

Jerry Lewis is respected in france… I guess Howie Mandel is respected in Italy:

Someone in Italy needs to be beaten… badly.

In other Olympic news:

Olympic Opening Ceremony

In a tribute to the seven countries abutting the majestic Alps _ including Austria, Germany and France _ dancers wearing green sheaths pranced near brightly painted fake cows pulled on rollers. It was a homage to mountain life and livestock, and to cheer both, the stadium audience had been supplied with clanging cow bells.”

Maybe I was too hard earlier. You can’t go wrong with more cowbell.


2 Responses to “Seriously… What The Hell?”

  1. hmmm yeah, that is quite the artistic faux-pas. someone was smoking some top notch crack during the planning session on that one.

  2. Nothing says I’m high like running around with condoms on your head. Been there, done that. I just never thought I’d see it in the Olympics.

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