Link And Load

March 13, 2006

1. Keep your daughter pure this summer with Sexy Wholesome Swimwear.

They showed more skin in 1920 than what they have in the link above.

(#2: Safe for work unless you count the scroat of a mannequin as not safe)
2. Crotchless panties for women? Sure. I’m all for it. But for men? Uh… no.

Sac free underwear

3. Make your own Bush speech:

It’s strategerific

(Very not safe for work)
4. Despite the language, how can you not appreciate it? America! F Yeah! in Flash video goodness

5. Maybe the boss is bothering you. How about the prairie dog sitting in the cubicle next to you? Wouldn’t you love to be able to go on a mad rampage and still remain within the law? Now you can! Upload their picture and let ’em have it with what appears to be a 9mm. I know one person in New York who could probably freak out the annoying person at their work with this page. Just a thought.

Be sure to turn the speakers up.
Kill ’em all

6. Why I stay away from the gym.

This has to hurt.

7. Build your own Michael Jackson. Bonus: You can print it out. Go ahead and hang them around the elementary schools.


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