When Links Attack

March 13, 2006

1. I used to go to a pub in college that catered to a rugby crowd. Rugby in Texas… Who wudda thunk it? Anyway, if you felt the need to fight, you’d have a better chance to win with the bouncer, as opposed to the beatdown the rugby players would give. You do not want to mess with these guys.

2. Unfortunate name

3. Is he related to the guy above?

(Give #4 some time to load. The guy put everything on one page)
4. How to degrade a squirrel. Awww. Isn’t she cute?

5. Brokeback (Rocky) Mountain?

6. NRA Christmas ornament

7. This child will be beaten to a pulp every day of its life.

8. PWNT!

9. If they sold tin foil hats they’d make a killing. UFO detectors. I love gullible people.


2 Responses to “When Links Attack”

  1. Uber Says:

    I can’t get over the poor kid…what were they thinking?! Or what are they ON…

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