Let Me Pinch You

March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. And Erin Go Braugh.

I’m not Catholic, so I don’t look at this day as a religious occasion. To be honest, I don’t think many people look upon St. Pat’s Day as a holy day. But, I do recognize Paddy as a good Christian spreading Christ’s word to my godless-heathen ancestors in Ireland . I’m not godless anymore, but I can still argue the heathen part sometimes.

Info on St. Pat can be found here.

Three small items:

1. I don’t think there is anything sexier than a girl that speaks with an Irish lilt…. unless it’s a girl with an Australian accent.

2. I apologize on behalf of Ireland for forcing Michael (Lord of the Dance) Flatley on the world.

3. And finally, to everyone, “Dé cúig bí fadó tusa”

Loosely tranlated Gaelic to English: “God’s love be upon you.”

Now… Go find someone to pinch.


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