Links Lift Us Up Where We Belong

April 5, 2006

1. This is so dark: Wow! It’s like an internet dance death party.

I will not make fun of death. To me, that’s God’s ultimate smack down or reward. However, I do question the taste in doing this site. Then again, look at some of the freakiness I post…

Click on the pictures for the full My Space profile. And be sure to check out Death #64: Do ya think it could have possibly been gang related?

2. More games for Peakah. Just try to get some work done now!

I’m game if you are.

3. The most unfortunate of all unfortunate names are held here.

I’ll be the first to admit there’s no way to verify any of those, so I call foul. But, potty humor always wins out over tracking down the facts.

4. “I gotta have more cowbell.” Electric cowbell?

Blue Öyster Cult would be ashamed

5. Buy a corpse. This is so cool on one level, and so wrong on another. Mother!!!!

(The word “mother” is a Psycho reference for anyone wondering. Just go rent the original movie if you don’t get it)


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