We’re Linkin’… Linkin’… And I Hope You Like Linkin’ Too

April 6, 2006

1. An idea for Dr. Phat Tony. Hollow out Jill and use her for a tourist attraction. After being eaten of course.

Goat fixins

2. Do I make you horny baby? Yeah!

Is that a horn in your pants or are you just happy to lift bricks for me? Side note: Don’t they have dentists in China?

3. You will feel old after this I guarantee it.

4. Have a talk with God.

Are you there God? It’s me, Rooster Cashews

5. Island of forgotten toys? No. This is the site of forgotten technology. What? Like there’s something wrong with an 8-track?

Time to break out the 78s for the gramophone.


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