Touched… “Linked” Telepathically. Joined At The MIND!!!!

April 12, 2006

1. Why don’t they finish the job by holding their head in a bucket of dry ice? These people are sick. At some point as children, did someone turn off the water hose on the Slip and Slide while they were on it?

Cut me off at the knees and call me a tripod

2. I posted earlier links about products such as “Liquid Ass” and the “fart pillow.” But, how about something you could use to stop gaseous dog emissions? Check out the doggy thong.

Two problems come from this:
A. There will be some asshat who buys it.
B. You can’t blame the dog anymore.

The best way to degrade your dog is here

3. I’d like for this to happen to me… preferably by someone who doesn’t look like her head was sculpted with a 2X4… Or whacked out on meds. Maybe I’m being too picky… Nah. Why are all the naked women running around neighborhoods so odd? I mean sure, you have to be nuts, or on serious drugs to do this, but the only semi-attractive nude nuts I can think of right now would be Margot Kidder and Anne Heche. They aren’t bad, well Anne’s alright, and I really don’t want to think about Margot, but they’re not Elle Macpherson to put it bluntly. My question is why can’t we get a rash of supermodels showing up at your door starkers? I mean in real life, and not just those daydreams at work.

Crazy, I’m crazy for feeling so lonely. I’m crazy, crazy for feeling so blue.

(Strong language on #4)
4. You have Ghostface Killa. You have Ice T, and NWA. Now you have Gangstafag. That’s Gangsta rap with Gangsta man love.

Damn it feels good to be a GAY-ngsta?
(I thought up that play on words myself… Laud me for my brilliance)

5. Useless time killer. How popular is your name?

If it’s Seymore, don’t bother. Your name is not in the top 1000


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