CD? No, I Don’t. Where’s Dee? No…. What’s In The CD?

April 21, 2006

In the CD player this week:

1. Gomez: How We Operate

2. Pretty Girls Make Graves: Elan Vital

3. The Fray: How To Save A Life

4. Jefferson Airplane: Bless Its Pointed Little Head

5. Seals & Crofts: Summer Breeze

6. Blue October: Foiled

7. E.L.O.: Out Of The Blue

8. Queen: Jazz

9. James Taylor: Live At The Beacon Theatre (DVD rip)

10. The Rolling Stones: 12×5

It is the weekend.


How ’bout a little Double?

Double’s, Blue CD arrived from S. Korea yesterday via eBay. Glad to finally have the whole CD, but happier I didn’t pony up $40 for the one they had for sale at Amazon through a used CD dealer. Can you say “Someone’s shoving a pike up my ass, and asking me to enjoy it?” So, screw you Amazon, and thank you eBay. Now, if I can just find anything from The Judys, and The Other Ones, I’ll be set.


8 Responses to “CD? No, I Don’t. Where’s Dee? No…. What’s In The CD?”

  1. Hey Stranger! SERIOUSLY impressed with the Gomez and the Queen!

  2. Richard Says:

    You know how I know you’re gay……

  3. Richard,

    Is it because I loaned you all of my Queen CDs to put on your IPod?

    Which then brings up the question:

    Who exactly is more gay, the one who has the CDs originally, or the one who wants all of them so he can listen to them in one sitting?

    /Your dog has Freddie Mercury tendancies, likes to have bows in his hair, and enjoys getting his nails painted a bright flamboyant color.

  4. Richard Says:

    1. My dog does not wear bows, he wears a bandana. And he does not get his toes painted.

    2. It is obviously more gay to spend all of your time scouring the internet for obscure bi-curious bands and blogging with your pants around your ankles.

    3. There is a wonderful world outside of your pink room, get out occasionally and enjoy it.

    4. You really need to paint the pink room. A nice mint green would be very soothing and less pedaphillic. Do it before the feds break down your door and use it as evidence against you.

  5. 1. You hold wine tastings to impress your friends, but it’s really a way to mask your latent homosexuality.

    2. Get out of the 80s and 90s. Judas Priest and Iron Maiden had a good run, but there are other bands out that don’t take spandex pressers and hair stylists on their tour bus.

    3. As a dog owner, you went from a boxer to a schnauzer. What’s next, a poodle?

    4. What is it with you and that room? You were forced to wear pink as a little boy, weren’t you? You obviously have some difficulty accepting your masculinity if a room that I haven’t gotten around to painting in my own house disturbs you.

    5. Police scanners and paid off friends in the courthouse allow me to keep one step ahead of search warrants.

  6. Richard Says:

    1. I hold wine tastings to drink wine, not to impress anyone. Your invitation may get lost next time.

    2. Judas Priest, Iron Maiden? I think you have me confused with Papin.

    3. No comment about Turco. You’ll have to take it up with him as you lovingly caress him in your lap for hours on end.

    4. I have no problem with little pink rooms in someone else’s house. A 38 year old single man who has a little pink room in his own house SHOULD have a problem with it.

    5. You know how else I know you’re gay? You have a rainbow colored banner in your little pink room that says “I like balls on my face!”

  7. You know how I know you’re gay? Because you macramed yourself a pair of jean shorts.
    You know how I know *you’re* gay? You just told me you’re not sleeping with women any more.
    You know how I know you’re gay? You like Coldplay.
    Dude, it’s not a big deal. You like to fuck guys. It’s cool. I got friends who fuck guys.

    In jail.
    You know how I know that you’re gay?

    You like the movie “Maid in Manhattan”.
    You know how I know you’re gay?
    Because you’re gay so you can tell who the gay people are.
    You know how I know *you’re* gay? I saw you make a spinach dip in a loaf of sour dough bread.

    Although it was a very tasty spinach dip.

  8. S,

    The Gomez is growing on me in a big way. The only song I don’t like (yet) is Cry on Demand. Maybe it will grow on me, maybe not. But it is a great CD

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