Sherriff Joe For President

May 3, 2006

If Bill Maher hates him, you know he must be doing something right.

I’m talking about the sheriff that makes inmates wear pink, sleep in tents in the desert because “If sleeping in a tent is good enough for the men and women fighting in Iraq (My insert: quote taken during The first Gulf War), it’s acceptable for criminals,” and, from his website:

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio doesn’t believe in coddling criminals, frequently saying that jails should not be country clubs. He banned smoking, coffee, pornographic magazines, movies and unrestricted television in all jails. He has the cheapest meals in the country too. The average inmate meal costs less than 20 cents…

Now he brings a border patrol with teeth. There’s no turning illegals over to the real border patrol, since the feds do nothing more than catch and release. Joe’s detainees are processed and do time. Why? Because they broke the freaking law.

Trying something Bush doesn’t have the balls to do, Sherriff Arpaio is working the border. What blows my mind about all this is right now, there is a plan on the books to shut down the border if/when bird flu ever reaches pandemic stages. PDF file is here.

So we will put troops along the border and streets in the event of a bird flu outbreak where (over the past 3 years) a total of 200+/- people have died, but we will not put them there to prevent the overwhelming tide of humanity that is stressing our social services to the breaking point? Can anyone explain that one to me?

It’s about time someone acted like an adult and faced the problem like a man, instead of the complete puss Bush has been. Me, a guy that likes Bush, calling him a woman.. imagine that. If there is anyone who thinks we don’t have a problem on the border, go camp out around Laredo or Del Rio, Texas and see how many people amble through your campsite, heading north. And guess what our dear presidential neighbor to the south will be doing shortly… Mexican President Fox will soon sign legislation legalizing drugs like ecstasy, weed, coke, and heroin in small amounts. Anyone want to take a guess where those drugs will be heading?

Can someone get Sherriff Joe on the presidential ticket for 2008?

Sheriff to Start Posse Patrols to Curb Illegal Immigration Flow

Some highlights include:

“…we’ve also made some recent huge drug seizures involving illegal aliens including nearly 100 pounds of methamphetamine and approximately three pounds of heroin.”

“Tuesday’s arrests include two coyotes, one of whom may be charged with a far more serious offense – endangerment.
…a 24-year-old Mexican male found near death by deputies who combed the desert earlier today after being told by other people in the vehicle that one man was left behind.”

“Arpaio houses 10,000 prisoners in his jails, including almost 2000 in a tent city he erected in 1993. Tent City is being expanded to hold an anticipated increase in of inmates being incarcerated in the Maricopa County jails.”


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