Aaaaahhhh… Love To Link You Baby

May 6, 2006

1. Normally I’m pretty good at puzzles in games.. Riven, Zelda, etc. I don’t get this one.

My brain hurts now.

2. Think he caught hell growing up? Unfortunate name… But it fits how he looks.

Me love you long time.

3. Sweaters for your internal organs?

My grandmother knitted me many things as a child. This was not one of them.

4. Funny… for the first 3 seconds. Finish the job, then watch. I see a new Fox show on the horizon.

Shave my Yeti

5. I loathe celebrities. On the flip side I think “If they weren’t making movies (Tom Cruise), or living off daddy’s money (Paris Hilton), they’d be serving my breakfast at the local Denny’s.” Yet, the free market side of me says “more power to ‘em” if they hold out for another $5 mil to take off their top in a movie, or ask for additional space on the set for the 20 people in their personal entourage. But I never see any movies they make, or listen to their music, so who cares?

Would you like fries with that?


One Response to “Aaaaahhhh… Love To Link You Baby”

  1. Richard Says:

    ….or is it “Link to love you baby.”

    Food for thought.

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