What? I Amuse You?

May 16, 2006

“What do you mean, I’m funny?…You mean the way I talk? What?…Funny how? I mean, what’s funny about it?…But I’m funny how? I mean, funny like I’m a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh? I’m here to f–kin’ amuse you? What do you mean, funny? Funny how? How’m I funny??…How the f–k am I funny? What the f–k is so funny about me? Tell me? Tell me what’s funny…”

Kill time at work. Kill goombas later. Take out your agressions with some games.

1. “What am I, a mirage? What? Where’s my f–kin’ drink? I asked you for a drink… I just asked you for a f–kin’ drink.”

Better than bouncing a bat off someone’s skull

2. “Who the f–k cares? I’ll dig the f–kin’ hole, I don’t give a f–k! What is it, the first hole I dug? First time I dug a hole, I’ll dig a f–kin’ hole. Well, where are the shovels?”

Cube Extreme. More fun than pushing ‘cement blocks’ off a pier, and into the Hudson.

3. Words have meaning. Understanding that is the first step in having meaningful conversations. That is, meaningful conversations that don’t involve the words: “Badda” “Bing” “Schifosa” “Haaayyyyy” “Yo” or “Whack.”

How ’bout some calzone, eh? Afterwords, we can go’s and whack Mickey for the ‘G’ he owes us.


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