The 12 Links Of Christmas Part 2

December 7, 2006

In an effort to bring joy to the hearts of the heartless, I’m pleased to find out and share the following: A BB gun may shoot your eye out kid, but a mortgage can drain you financially!

With that said, I was amused to hear someone bought the old house from the movie “A Christmas Story” and turned it into a tourist attraction. This does raise the following question: Who in their right mind would want to see this house in the winter? For those that don’t know, the home is located in Cleveland, Ohio. Now I have nothing against Cleveland, but you have seen the movie, right? And you do know that Cleveland sits on Lake Erie, right? And you are also aware that while Cleveland is not Buffalo or Chicago, it gets a hell of a lot of snow, and is bitterly cold from November through April, right? So with that in mind, the person who purchased the property has a 6 month (if he’s lucky) window for profit each year.

That doesn’t seem to deter Brian Jones, and you gotta admire him for it.

 From the article: “He’s unsure whether he’ll make enough money to cover his $500,000 investment, but as sure as a kid’s tongue will stick to a frozen flag pole, he’s committed to the project.” Full story here: Ho-ho-ho

The bonus to this story is his ace in the hole to take in extra cash… He makes and sells leg lamps just like the one in the movie. $129.99 for the 45-inch model, $159.99 for the 53-inch “deluxe full size” leg lamp.

Ralphie would be proud.


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