Sam’s Moron Of The Week

December 8, 2006

Moron Revealed #60

I actually won. Although I have to say, it wasn’t that difficult this time. Usually I stare at Sam’s blacked-out moron picture on Monday for several minutes before understanding I might be the moron since I can’t guess who it is.

For the last year or so Samantha’s “Moron of the week” has been one of the first things I do on Monday morning… just behind pouring caffeine into my body to pry my eyes open. This is the second time I’ve won the contest. The only other time (I believe) was picking out Farrah. And the only reason I knew that is because there was an article on Drudge just a few days before, mentioning her doing something stupid. Not that it’s any stretch of the imagination to pick out a silhouette of Farrah with her wild hair and pointy eraser nipples… Well, Sam didn’t have the eraser nipples in her photo, but I let my mind wander…

Anyway, Sam will stop doing the “Moron of the Week” soon. While that’s a shame, it’s easy enough to hit other sites (Perez Hilton, I Don’t Like You in that Way, Hollywood Tuna, to name a few) and play the game myself. As Sam says: “There’s no shortage of morons,” so I can still enjoy laughing at Lohan, Brit, Rosey, and the rest whenever I want. While I will always scoff at the general moron factor that Hollywood throws at us through the sites I mentioned, it will not be the same without Sam and her biting comments.

So, thank you Sam. I will miss this part of my Monday morning, and Friday’s realization that I should have easily seen which moron you were skewering that week, but missing by a long shot. 

Visit Sam here:


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