January 15, 2007

See… I can write those annoying newspaper catch-headlines just as well as the morons who spent all that time in journalism school.

There are few bands today that can classify themselves as icons. When you think rock legends that have stood the test of time, you think The Who, The Stones, Pink Floyd, Beatles… There’s more, but the list is relatively small. My classification of icon is any group or person that can survive a generation and still pull in new converts. The above bands are staples of almost three generations. I’d like to add one more to that list.

On Saturday I went to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’ve seen them before, but this time took notice of the crowd. In my section we had a guy in his 40’s, my group in their 30’s, a group of people in their 20’s, and three kids (frightening to use the term kids) in their teens. That is a rare event if you think about it. What I was looking at was a two generation gap of fans. How many bands can claim that? Put another way: I like “Old Journey” aka: 1975-1982 Journey. I’ve seen them many times, but doubt I will ever see them again. They just don’t make good music anymore, and their base is limited to the 30+ crowd. The same can be said for someone like POE. I like her music, but wouldn’t go to see her for fear of being labeled a pervert hanging around all the 13 year-olds her music is geared towards.  Journey and POE are two completely different groups/people I appreciate, that have serious problems attracting others outside of a certain age bracket.

Where I’m going with this is few groups today can appeal to a mass audience, and continue to put out great music year after year. In an age of throw away bands (just about any rap group) and made up teen singers (Spears and her counterparts) it’s good to see the Peppers are still doing what they do and improving each time a new record comes out. They are one group that does it right. And it looks like they can continue to do so…… Just as long as they can keep Flea and John Frusciante from singing solo.


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