I’m Sorry….

November 5, 2008

Just taking a line from the morons during the last election and their sophomoric attempt at apologising to the world for having Bush as a president.  I would like to formally apologise right now, the day after the election, that the United States is filled with enough people to vote for a man with no experience in governance, no experience in leadership (unless you count getting people to organize a block party in Chicago) and no experience in crisis. But…..


Some of the things you will never hear me say that were said by the nutty left about Bush follows:


1. I’m leaving the country because Nobama was elected. (Odd, after all the celebuturds announced that bit of trash talk I don’t remember a single one leaving the country. (Wish they had)


2. I need therapy because of my fear of Nobama.


3. Calling the president a chimp.


4. Referring to him as Hitler, although I think he has a Karl Marx outlook. And since I’m on this subject, can anyone tell me what freedoms you lost under Bush?… Anyone? Didn’t think so.


5. Calling the president stupid. (AKA mental ability)


6. Refer to the White House as the “Black House” since it’s an obvious racial slur that I’m sure some left-wingers would be happy to throw around if the man was a black conservative.


7. Calling anyone on his staff the anti-Christ, Aunt Jemima, or Uncle Tom.


8. Most inportantly, I will never say that Nobama is not my president. I did not vote for the man, and do not trust him, but he has my respect as our leader-elect.


So, I hope everyone enjoys their new tax increases, dealings with terrorist state leaders, economy crushing regulation of industry, and socialist programs to be implemented under Nobama’s tenure. Say a prayer people. Say a prayer.


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